Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deal Pulp: $.04 per Diaper @ DollarDays!

*This deal is now expired.
Here is a terrific diaper deal for you! Deal Pulp is offering a daily deal of $8 for $20 credit to Dollar Days, a wholesale supplier site.  New sign-ups to Deal Pulp get a $5.00 credit.   Use this $5 credit to pay $3 out of pocket for $20 to Dollar Days and free shipping.  Dollar Days carries several sizes of diapers!  They have a pack of (72) size 3 diapers for $19.16 $20.16 (misquoted with the "platinum member" price).  Therefore, these would be $.16 with free shipping after your coupon code from Deal Pulp, leaving you paying $3.16 for 72 diapers (that's $.04 a diaper... one of the lowest prices I've seen)!  There are many other items you can spend your $20 on, but I know cheap diaper deals are always good to come by!

Hurry... this deal expires tonight!

Sign-up today at Deal Pulp! (This is now the updated link that should give you $5 credit... completely my mistake, I was giving the wrong referral code)! 

* Money Saving Mom found out that the coupon code DDAYS5 will take $5 off your order at Dollar Days! I'm hoping this works along with the promo code for the $20 voucher!


  1. I signed up for the Deal Pulp and did not get a $5 credit. Is there something that i'm missing?

  2. Same here, no credit. Does it have a delay?

  3. It looks like it's only free shipping for platinum members... Also, the 19.16 price is for platinum members. The regular price is 20.16.... Shipping comes out to be $3.63...Maybe they changed it since it was such a good deal..

  4. Shipping was 19 dollars when I checked the deal...

  5. The $5 dollar credit is on Dollar Days if you go to their site, the code pops up when they ask you if you want to chat, the $5 credit is not on Deal pulp but on Dollar Days. On Deal Pulp though it says the 20 certificate includes free shipping. It took me awhile to figure all this out but I'm hoping it works tomorrow.

  6. On Deal Pulp, the deal still says "free shipping included." You have to wait for the special promo code that Deal Pulp will send you in order to get your $20 credit and free shipping at the Dollar Days site (takes a day or two). Sorry about the $19.16... I was a dollar off! Still a great deal. And I'm not sure if it takes a while for the $5 credit for new sign-ups to show up in your account? Or if they stopped doing this all of a sudden? It worked for me just a couple weeks ago when I signed up.