Disclosure Policy

The purpose of Fru-Gal is to encourage you to live a frugal lifestyle, in order that you can purposely give more to those in need. I believe that living a generous lifestyle helps keep our hearts purified from the love of money, which pervades much of our Western culture, as well as brings us joy as the giver. I endeavor to share giving challenges, encouragement, personal testimonies, deals, freebies, and coupons to help you make the most of your God-given resources- and to help you fall in love with giving (watch out, it is easy to do). 
I do not make money from my blogging efforts and it is not my primary aim. It would be ironic (and perhaps hypocritical) if my heart was bent on gaining financially from this blog, as I write about avoiding materialism and the love of money. However, many sites do offer referral or affiliate credit, such as Groupon and Eversave, and I will often use my referral links when available. This usually means that I will receive credit to spend at that specific site to which I have referred another member. Some companies, like Shop at Home or Ebates, will send me a check once I have reached a certain amount of credit in my account. 
Given the amount of time and effort I put into researching content, writing, and creating beneficial posts, I believe that it is very reasonable and acceptable for me to receive this form of payment. If you prefer, you can bypass my referral links by going directly to the desired website.
Please contact me if you have any further questions regarding my referral links.

This policy was last updated on September 29, 2011.