Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This Week's Deals & Steals

I think this is my best buy yet... the total for all this came to $.26!

4 Oat Revolution Oatmeals: moneymaker with coupons, Shaws paid me $.25 for each.

Butternut Squash: $.91

2 Nivea Cremes: After sale price and UP rewards, moneymaker, Rite Aid paid me $.52.

6 Whole Grain Barilla Pastas: After coupons, $.38 each.

2 Chips a Hoy Single Serving Packets: After coupon at Rite Aid, free.

2 Dulcolax: After coupons, free (~ a $16+ savings).

8 Honest Teas: moneymaker with coupons, Shaws paid me $.25 for each.

2 boxes of Cheerios: After coupons, $.29 each.

Before sale price and coupons, I should have paid $54.35 for the above items. That's a savings of $54.09!

Definitely my most favorite hobby.

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  1. You are KILLLIN' me!!! Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tell us how much all this stuff was without the coupons Kelly!!