Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Week's Shaws/Rite Aid Trip.

My total for this week's Shaws/Rite Aid Trip was $26.27. See picture above!

Rite Aid again paid me this week (after the super diaper deal last week) to take from them 1 Gillette Bodywash, 1 Gillette Deodorant, 3 Old Spice Body Sprays, 1 Old Spice Deodorant, 2 Olay Regenerist Facial Cleansers, 1 Crest ProHealth mouthwash, 1 EOS lip balm, and 2 Mom's Best Oatmeals. After coupons, I spent $12.45 out of pocket, and received $16 back in rewards, making it a $3.55 money maker. Before coupons and sales, the total was $59.68! Let's just say, my hubby will be smelling marvelous! :)

Shaws was also a good trip. Items for FREE included 4 Emeril Bam Meals, 1 lb. of carrots/2lbs. of onions/5lbs. of potatoes (had to buy a roast), and a bag of Idahoan potatoes. After coupons, the Betty Crocker cookie mix was 20 cents, the Sprite were 50 cents each, the Del Monte canned fruit were 80 cents each, and the Pillsbury Grands biscuits were 95 cents each. I spent $30.82 here and got back $1 Catalina for the Pillsbury. Combining this with my moneymaker transaction from Rite Aid, all totaled was $26.27!

Also, last night, I made a pit stop to Wal Mart to pick up 36 free razors (3 bags), free Post It notes, and a package of Thomas bagels for a total of $1.91.

Woohoo. I may hit up Walgreens later this week, as they have some good freebies too.

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