Saturday, October 30, 2010

2 Wonderful Opportunities this Christmas: OCC and GFA! (Continued...)

I wanted to highlight two very special ministries as Christmas approaches.  I previously encouraged you to fill a shoe box for a needy child with Operation Christmas Child. Now, I want to tell you about the remarkable ministry of Gospel for Asia (GFA). Begun by K.P. Yohannan, this ministry is sending thousands of national missionaries into their homelands to reach the most unreached people groups. If you have not ordered and read the free book, Revolution in World Missions, by Yohannnan, I strongly recommend it (this is also my first Widow's Challenge to you)!  GFA's mission statement is as follows:

The primary aim of Gospel for Asia's ministry is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who have never before heard His name.

GFA has a Christmas catalog where you can give a variety of deeply practical gifts for families in need, from a pair of rabbits, to a water filter, to women's literacy classes! These gifts are relieving physical needs and are making a great eternal impact. There are also many gifts specifically for the national missionaries, including winter clothing packages, Bibles and tracts, and even bicycles and motorcycles for transportation. I encourage you to look through the catalog and give to a family in dire need. 100% of Christmas donations ends up in the mission field.

Many of the people reached by GFA are the Dalits of India, known as the "Untouchables."  Yohannan has also started a children's sponsorship, Bridge of Hope, specifically for Dalit children. The video belows explains this extraordinary ministry to the "least of these," these precious children.

Hope for the least of these from Gospel for Asia on Vimeo.

You can order from the Christmas catalog online or request a catalog in the mail.  If you'd like to donate in someone else's honor, gift cards for either children or adults can be requested for free to give to the people on your Christmas list. I plan on putting these in with the gifts I have purchased for my nieces and nephews, to  help them realize that there are many children in the world who have nothing to eat on Christmas morning. What a valuable lesson for us all! Please consider giving to this wonderful ministry.

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