Friday, October 22, 2010

Christmas in October?

Can a cross country move be frugal?  We're soon to find out!  My hubby is graduating this January from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary!  This is an exciting time for us, but also a time of uncertainty with future plans as well as sadness with saying goodbye to our dear friends here on the North Shore. Our temporary plan is to spend the Spring in Colorado with family... and that's as far as we have figured out!  I find it quite exciting to start a new adventure, yet it is also at times unnerving to not have the details laid out in front of me.  We are continuing to trust God, that he has the details already worked out.  My hubby will hear back from doctoral programs in April, and then we will start planning our next step.

In the mean time, we're beginning to prepare for our cross country move in a couple months! And since we are moving two weeks before Christmas, I actually started wrapping presents and writing out Christmas cards yesterday, complete with Christmas music! I'm able to do this, as my family will attest, because I have a habit to start shopping for Christmas on December 26th and I keep my eyes peeled for good deals and potential presents throughout the year. I have a few more items to get, but most of my shopping is finished. Christmas is my favorite time of year after all, so why not shop the entire year through and start wrapping in October? Currently, our bedroom is strewn with wrapping paper and boxes. My goal is to have the Christmas gifts organized and the packages ready for shipping now, which will make moving time one degree less stressful in December! 

What are some ways you have carried out a frugal move and/or Christmas in the past?

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