Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today's Free Items!

Today was a good day for free items!  We have a Shaws Market less than a block from our house, so I decided to make one more trip to take advantage of the free Green Giant veggies before the sale ended tomorrow! Let's just say, my freezer is now well stocked. I also received a coupon in the mail for a free bottle of Advil, which I picked up today at Walgreen's after my free flu shot at the neighboring senior center. The Cold-Eeze was a free sample I signed up for that came in the mail today. And that adorable baby on that stack of pictures is my beautiful little girl... she's not free, but I signed up for a new photo account at CVS Photo Center and received a free 25 print credit in my account (with free in store pick up). I'm very proud of my work on the print that will be in our Christmas cards, as I used a free Open Source photo editing program, called Gimp, today to remove the background of a picture (definitely had a cluttered house complete with a laundry basket in the background) and instead inserted my baby girl next to a big red ornament!

The free bottle of Advil may still be available if you'd like to sign up. Also, I just signed up for a free tub of Cottonelle wipes. Check out Money Saving Mom's post on the benefit of Signing up for Freebies.

That's a whole lot of "free" in one post.


  1. Question, Miss Fru-gal :) So I was wondering how you can print so many green giant coupons? (I could only print it twice from my computer before the limit was giant veggies are free at Weis this week too with the q). Am I doing something wrong? Btw, the Christmas picture is adorable! Good work with Gimp...I haven't used it too much but yours looks so cute!

  2. Mrs. Fru-Gal. :) Good question, Ash. I was wondering if someone would catch on that I got 16 free Green Giant Veggies this week. The print limit was 2 Qs per machine. So, if you have access to more than one computer, you can continue to print more. And in my case, I have a hubby who is a computer technician with access to many machines. Hence, the 16 boxes of veggies. When does your sale end at Weis? I could mail you some.

  3. Haha, yes, Mrs would be more appropriate, right? :) The sale is over tomorrow :( But that makes sense now...I was wondering what I was doing wrong! :) Way to go on the 16 free veggies! Awesome!