Monday, October 25, 2010

Today's Rite Aid Trip!

How many free packages of Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers can a girl get? I've lost track, but I think this is about my seventh or eighth free package in the past couple months (~$96 in savings)! 

I had planned on taking advantage of a few more deals, such as free BeneVia juice and cheap Quaker Oatmeal, but when I got to Rite Aid, the BeneVia was out of stock and one of the varieties of Quaker oatmeal that I had a coupon for was not carried at Rite Aid.  So, I mentally created a quick Plan B (always good to have, as things can often work out differently than planned) and purchased the above items. Here's a break down: 

Huggies Pure & Natural- $8.99  (used $3/1 Q, received $2 UPRs)
Alka Seltzer Plus Powder Packs- $5.00 (used $3/1 Q in 10/24 Red Plum, $1/1 Rite Aid Video Values Q, received $2 UPRs)
Nivea Happy Body Lotion- $5.99 (used $1/1 Q, received $5 UPRs)
(3) Rite Aid Paper Towels- $.99 each (filler items that I needed... I like that they're called "Simplify")

Total before Qs: $22.95
10% discount for reaching 125 Wellness Points (took off 10% only on items where sale price wasn't better than the discount)
$4/$20 Rite Aid Q from watching October Video Values (there is another one offered for November, too)
$1 Rite Aid November Video Values Q off of any non-prescription purchase
$1/1 Alka Seltzer Video Values Q
$3/1 Alka Seltzer Powder Packs Q
$3/1 Huggies Q
$1/1 Nivea Q
$4 UPRs from last week

Total after Qs: $5.59
Used $10 SCR Gift Card from September that came in the mail this morning! 

Paid nothing out of pocket, with a $4.41 balance left on my gift card and $9 UPRs for next week!

Want to get some great deals at Rite Aid, too? Check out Maven of Savin' for her detailed weekly Rite Aid run down!

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