Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The 30-Day Giving Challenge!

30 Day Giving Challenge | Using social media to inspire extraordinary giving... all for HIS glory
I thought this was a great idea... the 30-Day Giving Challenge! Started last year by a bunch of bloggers, the challenge is back again for the month of November. What is the 30-Day Giving Challenge?  It is a challenge to each of us (if you choose to accept it) to give each day of the month. How you give is open-ended and doesn't necessitate monetary giving. There is a 30-day printable calendar for you to jot down how you gave and any other lessons/insights you gained that day. Each Monday of the month, you will have the opportunity to share these insights with the other participants on the 30-Day site, providing motivation and encouragement to us all. Now, it is November 3rd, so I am a few days late to get started on this challenge, but I wanted to share the challenge with you as I think it lines up well with the heart of this blog. Will you join me in giving each day, for 30 days? Let's see what God will do with our "mere human" offerings to bless those around us!

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