Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Couple Exciting Promotions @ Rite Aid!

My fru-gal friend, Ashleigh, tipped me off to a current deal at Rite Aid:

"Just thought I'd let you know something verrrry exciting! So it looks like the Rite Aid coupon booklet (that was to be offered if you got the flu shot there) is now available. There is a VV to watch, print out a coupon, and then take it to a location that offers the flu shot. You then should be able to get the booklet (I haven't tried it yet so can't say for sure). Just thought I'd pass this on to a fellow Rite Aid lover."

Thanks, Ash!  Watch the Video Value (scroll through until you see the video for the "Rite Aid Coupon Book") and print a coupon for the coupon booklet! I'm excited to see what this booklet has in it!

Also, Rite Aid's "Gift of Savings" Program may be returning again this year on November 26th! I am new to this program, but apparently it is a promotion where you can earn gift cards based on how much you spend before coupons. Combined with sales, SCRs, and UPRs, this could make for some great savings this Christmas season! Updates to follow!

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