Monday, November 15, 2010

Eversave: Just Purchased a Lana Organics Goose for $5 Shipped!

This silly goose will be arriving in holiday gift wrap to my in-laws house in Colorado for my baby girl's first Christmas! I just had a chance to head over to Wild Dill and use my $35.00 voucher that I got through Eversave last week for $5! This $35.00 voucher can also be applied to shipping costs, so the $27.00 Lana Organics goose above, which you can apparently warm him in the oven or cool him in the refrigerator for comfort, and the $7.50 shipping was completely covered. I still have a $.50 credit on my voucher. Plus, Wild Dill offers free holiday gift wrapping! Perfect for a busy, transitional Christmas! We will be spending Christmas in Colorado with my hubby's family, and this is one less Christmas gift I need to worry about packing, shipping, and wrapping when we move across country in about a month.

Please note that this particular Eversave offer has expired, but there are new ones offered each day! One of today's saves is $12 for a $24 voucher for Travel Kiddy activity kits! Again, this voucher can be applied to Travel Kiddy's shipping costs ($7.95 flat rate), so a $16.00 purchase plus shipping at Travel Kiddy will be completely covered. There are several sticker books and bamboo games on sale right now for under $10, making for a decent deal when using the Eversave voucher. This current save is under "Chicago, IL" and if you sign up for the Daily Save e-mail (under the price in your shopping cart), you will receive a $2 credit instantly... actually reducing your out of pocket cost to $10 for a $24 value.

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