Friday, November 5, 2010

My Trip to Target this Morning.

I had a fairly successful trip to Target this morning!  First, I realized that there was a participating Burger King right by the Target shopping plaza and was able to pick up my free Seattle's Best coffee before heading into the store (it was a perfect morning for free coffee, complete with dreariness and rain)!  Then, I picked up my free Renuzits, floss, and technically free produce. I was too busy trying to keep my 10 month old from climbing out of the cart to realize until afterwards that the Target register was not ringing up the full price of my produce coupons (this happened last time, too). Make sure to double check as the coupons are scanned if you are using the produce Qs. They are for a $1 off produce of a $1 or more, but the machine was only taking off for the price of one produce item, so I ended up paying about $1.65 more than I should have. Altogether, I paid $5.49 for the above items!

I used Budget Saving Mom for the deal info on the cheap Jell-O and I was prepared to get cheap Wheat Thins Stix, too, but my Target did not carry them. Ah well, still a decent frugal trip with cheap produce and free coffee!

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