Monday, November 8, 2010

Today's Rite Aid Trip!

Today went by in slow motion for me! I felt like it took me the entire day to plan and execute my grocery trip! Even though we apparently gained an hour, I think yesterday's time change is the culprit, and it didn't help that it was completely dark at 5pm when I was loading my groceries into the trunk of my car! So, right before I hit the hay, here's my Rite Aid trip of the week...

1 Pampers @ $8.99
2 Keebler FlipSides @ $1.99 each
1 Crest Pro Health @ $3.49
1 Oral B 60 Toothbrush @ $4.90 (mistake)
2 Skittles @ $.50 each

$4/$20 R.A. Q
$.25/1 Skittles R.A. Video Values Q
$1/1 Pampers Q (10/31 P&G)
$1/1 Crest toothpaste Q (10/31 P&G)
$1/1 Oral B toothbrush Q (10/10 P&G)

Paid with $5 UPRs from last week and $2.23 left on my R.A. gift card from September's SCRs.

OOP: $9.09
Received $5.50 in UPRs for next week, making this transaction a total of $3.59! Not bad considering that I bought the wrong Oral B Cross Action toothbrush (apparently this is the model 60, not the model 40 that was on sale), though I swear I double checked the sale price sticker below the product.

I didn't notice until I got home that I was charged $4.90 for a toothbrush, with no UPRs printing for this model! Ack! If all had gone according to plan, the correct toothbrush would have cost me $2.99, but I would have gotten $2.99 back in UPRs, plus I used a $1/1 Q. My final price for the transaction would have been a $1.31 moneymaker.

Besides my sleepiness to blame, I was also busy defending the R.A. coupon policy (in hand) to the cashier and manager who both thought that the $4/$20 Q could only be used after other coupons were deducted. The manager then made a photo copy of the R.A. coupon policy, so I don't think I will run into that problem again (I guess corporate doesn't require the store managers to know the details of their coupon policy?). It's always a good idea to have a copy of  the policy on hand, whichever store you shop at. I have found that this completely catches cashiers off guard and the outcome works in my favor, as I can prove what I am saying.

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