Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why Is It Wise to Frugally Shop for Clothes?

Short Answer: Because I can be a klutz in the kitchen.

Yesterday afternoon, I had just posted about my great bargains on a pair of girl's jeans and an orange fall sweater for myself, when I learned again why it is wise to frugally buy clothes!  After posting, I cut the tags off my sweater and decided to wear it around the house.  Meanwhile, I had a roast cooking away in the crock pot. Come dinner time, I started to remove it with a serving fork when the roast slipped off and splashed back into the hot juices in the crock pot. I instantly became covered in roast beef juice, mildly burning my face and staining my brand new sweater! The burns definitely didn't feel good, and thankfully, healed quickly after I ran to the bathroom sink and began dousing my face in cold water. Afterward, my new sweater lay in a crumpled pile on the bathroom floor. I and it were in such a sad state! After washing it, I'm happy to relate that the brown stains did come out!

However, if they had not, I would have only been out $1.48 for my fall sweater that I never got to wear outside of my house... after working in retail for over a year, I know that retail prices for sweaters can easily be $40 plus! That's a little harder to swallow!

Baby and kids clothes are even quicker to stain! Earlier this week, I had received a generous amount of hand-me-down baby clothes from a friend at church. Yesterday evening, after the roast incident, I dressed my baby girl in some used, but adorable Gap pajamas. She proceeded to spit up the blackberries she just ate for dinner, leaving a big purple stain. Hopefully, this will come out, too.

If it weren't for these nearly free and free clothes, I think I would have lost my mind and my joy yesterday! Retail prices are definitely not worth that!

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