Monday, February 28, 2011

This Week's Trip to Rite Aid & a Little Sham Rocker!

I made two trips out to Rite Aid in the past few days; one today to pick up some freebies that expire tomorrow and one on Saturday to pick up last week's free Johnson & Johnson products!

Today, I spent $2.80 out of pocket for the above items! I got $9 back in UP Rewards for next week, making this trip a $6.20 moneymaker!  I had gotten a "rain check" on the Desitin from last week's deal, since two of my local stores were both completely out of stock, so I picked those up today for last week's sale price. I only had two Desitin coupons, instead of four, so I ended up paying $.50 per box instead of getting them for free. The other items were free after coupons and/or UPRs.

On Saturday, I picked up (7) Johnson & Johnson products for free after coupons and UPRs.  I'm already planning several baby gifts out of them!  I also picked up the L'Oreal Youth Code Kit for free after UPRs, SCRs, coupons and mail-in-rebate (a $34.99 value).

After both of these trips, I have $15 in UPRs for my next trip!  I love Rite Aid!

2 Valuable Pointers I Learned this Week @ Rite Aid: 

1. You can use your Single Check Rebates at the cash register to help pay for your transaction! 

2. If an item is out of stock, you can request a rain check for the current sale price, and then come back within 30 days to pick up the re-stocked product at that sale price (if UP Rewards are part of the deal, the associate will subtract them from the sale price of the item on your rain check, so you don't lose out on them)! 

 And here is my little "Sham Rocker" in preparation for March & St. Paddy's Day!

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