Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Groupon: $7 for $15 Credit to Ebay!

The Groupon Austin page has a slammin' deal today! Pay $7 for $15 credit to Ebay (which the credit will also cover shipping and handling costs)!

I personally use credit like this to Ebay to buy the hot $5 off $5 minimum purchase Qs to Kohls. Normally, you can purchase a bundle of (5) $5 Qs for about $5 shipped. With this deal, that could score you up to $75 in free Kohls' cash for $7 (please note that you can only use one Kohls coupon per in store visit and they expire after a week or two, so it wouldn't be reasonable to order 3 different bundles at the same time, unless you want to give them away as gifts or visit Kohls 15 times in a week). I hope that made sense!

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Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

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