Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Trip to Rite Aid & Walgreens for $3.02, Plus $6.88 in UPRs for Next Week!

Here is this week's drugstore game shopping trip! I stopped at Rite Aid to get free ThermaCare, Colgate, and nearly free Mentos,  and NYC nail polish. Plus, there was a decent deal on Osteo Biflex, which my father-in-law takes. It is normally $19.99 a box (this week it was BOGO, plus I had $12 in Qs, making the two boxes $8 total).

I then stopped at Walgreens to pick up my third free box of PediaCare this week and a filler item bag of Blow Pops that I'll be using as part of a lollipop inspired birthday gift for my niece. 

Altogether, I spent $2.74 OOP @ Rite Aid, getting back $6.88 in UPRs for next week, and I spent $.28 @ Walgreens, making this entire trip a $3.86 moneymaker!

New to the Drugstore Game? Check out my How To and start playing!

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