Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 Minute Give Challenge: What I was able to Box Up for Tornado Relief!

My Stock Pile... It's not normally in a laundry basket.
After 5 minutes of digging through my stock pile (see above picture), here's what I managed to round up for tornado relief:

(2) 70 ct. Seventh Generation Wipes
(2) Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash
(1) Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment
(3) Deodorants- Gillette, Irish Spring, & Right Guard
(3) 24 ct. Up & Up Ibuprofen
(4) Reach floss
(1) 24 ct. Up & Up Allergy Relief
(3) Toothbrushes- Colgate 360 & Aquafresh Kids
(4) Johnson & Johnson Travel Size First Aid Kits
(1) Gillette Body Wash for Men
(2) pairs of women's socks
(3) Pantene Travel Size Shampoos

Most of these items were free, accumulated over the past few months of couponing mainly at Target and Rite Aid. Yay for cleaning out my stock pile... there's much more room in my closet now! And does anyone else have a ton of medium flat rate boxes thanks to thredUP?

Off to Alabama!
Have you tried this 5 Minute Give Challenge yet? See here for a complete list of needed items and directions on where to send your donations. 

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