Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June 2011 Widow's Challenge: Gather & Give Away Your Freebies!

Does signing up for freebies really make a difference on your budget? Is it worth the effort? I would say a resounding "Yes!" In the past few weeks, I have received free Cottonelle wipes, Suave Professionals hairspray, Zyrtec, Osteo Bi-Flex, a Febreze Luminary Kit and Wooden Wick Candle, Nescafe Coffee Sampler, Gillette Fusion Razor, and even a free quart of Glidden paint, among other items! From medicines to toiletries to food, it's very possible to score a lot of quality items in your mailbox for absolutely nothing!

In light of the many recent, high value products that have been offered by various companies, I have been inspired to base the next Widow's Challenge on gathering and giving away freebies. My goal is to sign up for as many freebies as I can in the next 30 days (and of course share those offers with you). Then, I will give away what I was able to freely gather!

I think this will be a fun challenge, as it is quite exciting to get free items in the mail on a regular basis! Plus, it's even better to give them away to people who could really use the gifts. From Joplin to Tuscaloosa, there are a lot of Americans who are rebuilding their lives right now, and though some free samples and offers might not seem like much to us, it could be a very appreciated gift to someone who has lost so much.  

Will you join me in the challenge? If you're not already, be prepared to get hooked on freebies. Look for the "Hooray for FREEBIES" icon below on posts that have current free offers, and let's start signing up for those freebies!

A tip before you start: I would recommend setting up a free e-mail account with either yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc... and using that e-mail on sign up forms. This will help keep your current inbox less cluttered, which is always nice for sanity's sake.

New to the Widow's Challenge? Check out what it's all about!

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