Friday, July 22, 2011

My $1.99 Fru-Gal Trip to Target & Walgreens: Free School Supplies and Chocolate!

I had a lot of fun on this week's outing, as I got to spend the shopping time with two good friends who are starting to play the Drugstore Game!  We stocked up on free pens and tape at Target, and then I showed them the basics of Walgreens couponing.

Here is what I got, altogether, for $1.99:

(3) Spiral 1 Subject Notebooks
(2) Scotch Magic Tapes
(5) 10 pack Pencils
(4) Mini Highlighters
(2) Sharpie Highlighters
(1) RoseArt Jumbo Glue Stick
(5) Penway 24 ct. Crayons
(1) Crayola 24 ct. Crayons
(3) Papermate 10 ct. Ballpoint Pens
(4) Bic 10 ct. Ballpoint Pens
(2) Brach's Autumn Candy Mix
(2) Milka Chocolate Bars

Most of these items, besides the chocolate bars, are going right into OCC shoe boxes. I have just about used up my $10 budget to fill 10 shoe boxes, so any further additions will have to be completely free! I do love back-to-school season for getting great deals on much needed supplies for children overseas.

To see how I did this transaction (and how you can do it, too), check out My Current Fru-Gal Trips.

New to the Drugstore Game? Check out my How To and start playing!

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