Thursday, August 11, 2011

My $.03 Fru-Gal Trip to Target & Office Max!

Here's what I picked up yesterday at Target and Office Max for $2.22. I actually had a $5 Target gift card from last time, so this trip only cost me 3 pennies out of pocket for my 3 packets of Office Max filler paper.

After using some of my Target apparel Qs, the two pairs of womens jeans were completely free, the two summer womens tees were a $1, and the girls pink tights and knee socks were free. The shower curtain liner cost $1.34 after Q.

The paper and girls tights/socks are for donation to OCC. The clothing is also for donation, though I'm not sure to where yet. I'm thinking possibly a battered women's home. I also have a lot of beauty/feminine care products in my stockpile. Any suggestions on where to donate these items?The shower curtain liner is for our new home.

Altogether, the retail price of these donations would have been $65.44. Thank goodness for Target apparel Qs!

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