Monday, October 24, 2011

God Provides: 4 Free Boxes of Toddler Clothes!

I've decided to do a new series on my blog called "God Provides." I am consistently amazed at how God gives us exactly what we need in His timing and how deeply He takes care of us (even in the "small" things)! Why should I be amazed? He is God, creator and orchestrator of the universe, and He loves us (Matthew 10:29-31). I believe that when we are open and ready to truly trust God to provide, instead of worrying and providing for ourselves, He is more than willing to show us He will provide, and that He does it much better than we could.

One recent provision for us has been with my toddler's winter clothes. I had very few clothes for her in the next size up, which she will probably be growing into this winter/spring. Again, I was just waiting to see how God would provide, not rushing out to Carters to be the great provider and probably spend more than I would want (I have done this many times in the past, so please know there is much grace in that statement). We often don't trust God to provide for us in our abundant, materialistic American culture. We usually have the means to do it ourselves and we like the control that doing it ourselves gives us. It is much harder to trust. But, also much more rewarding and exciting.

Last week, my good friend, Ashleigh, asked if I needed girl clothes, size 24 months and up. Yes! Yes, I did. Well, a lady at her children's preschool had posted a sign saying that she had 4 boxes of toddler girl clothes for free, and wouldn't you know, Ashleigh thought of me. God is cool. God uses people. Now, I have more than enough for my little girl! Now, I can also bless someone else.

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