Monday, October 3, 2011

Today's Lofty Goal (Pt. 2)!

The fruit of my day's labor... (5) bags of cooked/mashed pumpkin, (5) bags of chopped bell pepper, (1) bag of chili peppers (note to self, wash hands well after working with chili peppers, or else you might get some in your eye again and it doesn't feel very good), (6) bags of grated zucchini! Now, I just need to clean the kitchen.


  1. Nice Job Kelly, I was hoping you would just shred the Zucchini or I was going to feel very out done with all the "help" your little one offers!

  2. Well once I started, I decided that I had too lofty of a goal. :) Though Anna slept until noon yesterday (she is worse than a teenage boy) which definitely helped my progress!