Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today's Lofty Goal!

Start living in our new house-y! 

The day has come... we are going to officially move ourselves into our new home! That is, if I can get the house sleep-in ready today, with Anna's help of course (which includes emptying boxes, spreading shoes and toys throughout the house, and spilling Daddy's coffee on the living room furniture).

I'm also a bit sad as I unpack Anna's nursery. She has grown up so much in 9 months. When we packed up, she couldn't open the diaper pail, climb onto the changing table, rock crazily in her rocking chair, or hang up her own shirt. No, she's no longer a baby, and she's almost outgrown her once perfect nursery. Que the tears and big girl bed. What will I be like when she heads off to college? Not good...

P.S. Yes, I have given our house a term of endearment. Why not?

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