Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yesterday's Lofty Goal Update: My 4-Stores Trip!

Well I didn't make it to all four stores in under two hours, it took me more like four hours from start to finish with driving time. But, I did get some pretty sweet deals, including free Cover Girl make up (after coupons and rewards), free women's tops at Target, free coffee, free pantiliners, free ice cream, free cat food, free shampoo, free battery powered tooth brush, free tights, and free mouthwash. Phew.

Sorry for the less-than-par picture, the sun was setting and its light was coming right through our kitchen window (which we don't have the shades put up yet), so I had my husband hold a blanket up while I took this. Plus, the ice cream was melting and the baby wanted my attention, so I was in a bit of a frustrated hurry. :)

All told, I spent $34.20 out of pocket on the above items (these items with their sale prices alone, without coupons, would have cost me $94.68). Plus, I got back $16.59 in rewards and rebates!

1st store: Babies R Us
Bought Toddler Backpack/Harness for our trip to NY next week (since Anna refuses to wear it currently, I'm not sure this was the best purchase, but it may at least keep her busy on the plane, opening the pockets/zippers and figuring out the buckles)
Spent: $14.99 plus tax

2nd store: Target
1st Transaction
(1) Nescafe Taster's Choice 6 ct Instant Coffee @ $1.29
(1) Market Pantry Grape Jelly @ $1.67
(1) Market Pantry Blackberry Jam @ $1.99
Total before Qs = $4.95
(1) $1/2 Market Pantry Breakfast Items Target Q (my Target did not have the bagels on sale, or at least marked in any way, so I went with jelly instead as we needed it).
(1) $.50/1 Nescafe Target Q + $.75/1 Nescafe Manufacturer Q
Total after Qs = $2.70 (I used my Red Card to get an extra 5% discount, making it $2.63)

2nd Transaction
(1) Merona Short Sleeve Tee @ $2.50
(1) Liz Lange Maternity Tank @ $2.48
(1) Nescafe Taster's Choice 6 ct Instant Coffee @ $1.29
(4) Market Pantry Frozen Veggies @ $.99 each
(1) Purina Whisker Lickins Cat Treats @ $.99
Total before Qs = $11.22
(1) $3/1 Merona Top Target Apparel Q (NLA)
(1) $3/1 Liz Lange Item Target Apparel Q

(1) $.50/1 Nescafe Target Q + $.75/1 Nescafe Manufacturer Q
(1) $1/4 Archer Farms Frozen Vegetables Target Q
(1) $1/1 Purina Whsker Lickins Cat Treats Target Q
Total after Qs = $3.00 (I used my Red Card to get an extra 5% discount, making it $2.93)

Spent at Target: $5.56

3rd Store: Safeway
(1) Progresso Rich and Hearty Soup @ $2.59
(1) Kikkoman Soy Sauce @ $1.99
(1) Open Nature Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream @ $3.99
(1) U by Kotex pantiliners @ $1.00
(1) Family Pack Chicken Drumsticks @ $5.38
Bananas @ $.71 for 3
Total before Qs = $15.66
$1/1 Kikkoman Manufacturer Q
Free Open Nature Ice Cream Q (NLA)
$1/1 Kotex Product Manufacturer Q
Total after Qs = $8.17
I also have a rebate to send in for a free can of Progresso Rich and Hearty soup, making it $5.58 after rebate. My Safeway was completely out of the free Nivea lip balm, but after quickly skimming their coupon policy, I realized they take rain checks and I was able to get a rain check for 3 of them!

4th Store: Rite Aid
1st Transaction
(1) Scope Mouthwash @ $4.00
(1) No Nonsense Tights @ $2.99
(1) Pert Plus Shampoo+Conditioner @ $3.00
(1) Oral B Complete Care Cross Action Power Toothbrush @ $5.99
(1) Cover Girl True Blend Liquid Foundation @ $9.99
(1) Cover Girl True Blend Mineral Powder Foundation @ $4.84 (BOGO50%)
(2) Cover Girl 4-Panel Eye Shadows @ $5.59 and $2.79 (BOGO50%)
(2) Cover Girl Eyeliners @ $3.59 and $1.79 (BOGO50%)
Total before Qs = $44.57
$1.50/1 Scope Q (10/2 PG)
$1/1 No Nonsense Rite Aid Q
$1/1 Pert Q (10/2)
$3/1 Oral B Toothbrush Q (10/2)
(3) $8/2 Cover Girl Face Products Q (10/2)
$9.38 in UPRs from last time
Total after Qs = $4.69
Got back $6.50 in UPRs

2nd Transaction (I got to the car and realized I was a $1 short of getting the $10 UPR for buying $30 of select Proctor and Gamble items)
(1) Secret Deodorant @ $3.29
Used $2.50 in UPRs that I had just gotten on the previous transaction
Total after Q = $.79 
Got back $10 in UPRs

Total spent at Rite Aid = $5.48
Got back $14 in UPRs for next time= $8.52 Money Maker!

Here's the Cover Girl make up I picked up for free after coupons and rewards... woohoo! I spent $4.59 out of pocket and got back $10 in UPRs (plus I bought Secret deodorant, for the spend $30 get $10 UPRs Proctor and Gamble Promotion).

It looks like next week is going to be another great week for free items at Rite Aid! New to the Drugstore Game? Learn how to start playing!

Have any questions on this trip? Let me know in the comments section.

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