Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fru-Gal Tip: Drink More Water.

Fru-Gal Tip: Drink more water.
This may sound simple, but drinking more water is not only terrific for your health and wellbeing, but also for your grocery budget!  In our family, we buy very few beverages at the store, unless I can get a beverage for a really good deal (a.k.a. free or nearly free). I buy milk on a weekly basis, mainly for my growing toddler, rice milk every few weeks for my hubby who is allergic to cow's milk, and 100% juice bi-weekly for my toddler. Our biggest beverage budget-buster is coffee. We love coffee. If you have any unwanted coffee coupons, please send them my way. ;)
And other than that, we drink delicious, free water.

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