Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Gospel, presented by Eric Ludy and the Ellerslie Mission Society.

I was told about the Ellerslie Mission Society last week by a new reader, Bobbie-Jo. While perusing the Ellerslie website, I came across this video portrayal of the Gospel and I think it is well worth sharing with you. I especially love the ending, where the power of the Good News is clearly expressed! Ironically, I also found out that Ellerslie is only about 15 minutes away from where I live, in Windsor, CO!

"This is the truth that turns the world upside down. We go into this world as little lambs with the faces of lions. Our God mocks all the powers of Earth and Hell through floppy, little lambs. And even though we look weak, and physically and naturally, we are weak, spiritually, "greater is He that is in us than he who is in this world." That is good news! And it is a lot better than what is being dealt out today in the church. Your God is ready to do it in and through you. You can't do it. You can't muster up the discipline, the intellect, the strength, the perseverance and the fortitude. He can. You can't love the lost, those that spit upon your face. He can. 

Don't pray that God would teach you how to love like He loves. Pray that He would fill you with Himself and that He would love in and through you. Don't pray that He would teach you to have joy. Pray that the Living God, full of joy, would enter into you. Don't pray that He would teach you how to be peaceful. Ask for the God of Peace, the Prince of Peace, to infill you. If you try to imitate in your own strength, you will be a miserable replica, but if you allow the impartation of Jesus Christ to overtake you, suddenly it all works. Because it's Him imitating Himself... and He's very good at being God." -Eric Ludy, Ellerslie Mission Society

For further reading on this Good News, check out my article, Understanding the Doctrine of Grace.

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