Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2011 Widow's Challenge: Thanksgiving Food Drive!

Last November's Food Drive, spending $3/week!
I'm bringing last year's November Challenge back again this year, as I think it is a wonderful challenge for us as Thanksgiving approaches. And you may  be quite surprised at how God can stretch your dollar to help others (I certainly was last year)!

I would like to make it more of a habit to set aside a couple dollars each week throughout the year for charity. Here is my challenge from last year, you can tweak the amount you want to set aside for your own personal challenge (even $1 a week can make a big difference):

  1. Set aside $3 from your weekly grocery budget.  I recommend actually having $3 in cash set aside, as this makes it more tangible then just mentally and on your debit card. Also, this is not $3 additionally to your grocery budget, but from your budget (hopefully you have a budget)... therefore, think of an item or two that you can give up during the next month in order to give $3 to those who are less fortunate. 
  2. How far can you make that $3 stretch each week?  If your new to coupons, check out Couponing 101's post on Coupon Basics, for tips and information on how to use coupons successfully and stretch your dollar (this will be a good challenge for you to try couponing). Non perishable foods are best, but check out your local food pantry as some do take perishable food in certain conditions. Also, check out your local grocery store's best deals each week by heading to Money Saving Mom and clicking on your specific store.
  3. Investigate your options for local food pantries and choose the pantry you will be donating to. Check out your local pantry's website or call them to see if there are any restrictions or information you should know before donating items. Get your friends to attempt the challenge, too. $3 is something most of us can set aside from what we're already spending. 

I plan on dropping off my collected items to our church's youth group on November 22, as they will then be donating the food to local families in need. I'd love to hear where you are donating your food items to this year!
Remember, what's most important is not how much we can give, but that we choose to give.

Excited? I am!  Ready, set, go!

New to the "Widow's Challenge"? Check out what the Widow's Challenge is all about.

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