Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Giving Back this Christmas: Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog!

2011 GFA Christmas Gift Catalog
Some of our family reading a GFA card last Christmas.

One of my favorite opportunities for giving during Christmas time is the Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog (see the online catalog here). GFA ministers among the Dalits, or "Untouchables," of India; people who are treated as worthless, contagiously filthy, and hopeless. The Good News of the Gospel is transforming entire villages through GFA native missionaries. The gifts you send from the catalog help change lives among the millions of Dalit peoples throughout India and South Asia. 

GFA sends 100% of the funds for Christmas gifts to the mission field. You can also request free Christmas cards that you can write out to your friends and family, letting them know that you gave a gift of hope in their name. I think this is especially impacting among our children here in the Western world, to realize amidst all the gifts under the tree, that there are hurting people all over the world and they can help. Even if money is tight this Christmas, consider that it costs a dollar to send 200 Gospel tracts! What a well invested dollar!

If you're desiring to give to the suffering this year and looking for a Gospel-committed, financially stellar organization, I would definitely recommend to you Gospel for Asia and their Christmas gift catalog!

"When you purchase items from the Christmas catalog, you’re choosing to send more than a chicken, a cow or a sewing machine. You’re sending hope that can forever change a life." GFA, Who are the Dalits?

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