Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fru-Gal's Kitchen: Homemade Barley Baby Food, Banana Baby Food, and Our Lunch of the Week!

I attempted barley baby food today! It really isn't too complicated to make (think blend and boil), seems pretty economical, and ended up being a winner (with a few adjustments) for my little guy! Here's the recipe:

Not sure how much a box of barley costs in the store, but my wonderful mother-in-law gave us this box while cleaning out her cupboards!

Ground up barley in the blender! Next time, I will grind it finer as my 8 month old didn't like the chunkier texture and I ended up re-blending it after it was cooked (which worked fine).

Whisking away.

Ta-da! It thickens upon sitting.

And here's my modified version! I re-blended it to make it finer, added a "cube" of frozen blueberry baby food for flavor (the reserved juice wasn't enough flavor), and added some homemade rice milk.

He likes it!
I've heard this can be frozen or stored in the fridge for up to a week. I will probably at least double the recipe next time, so I don't have to make it as often during the week.

While I was blending up barley, I had some bananas I needed to make into baby food, so I decided to blend those as well. Homemade banana baby food is likely the easiest to make, you can even just use a fork to mash if you're in a pickle. My baby is spoiled though, so I usually puree it for him. ;) I also freeze pureed banana baby food and pull out cubes to defrost as needed.

Did you know that riper bananas don't cause as much constipation in babies? These were on sale at Safeway this week for $.44/lb.

Peel and blend them up!

Pour into ice cube trays.

Voila! 5 bananas made about 2 full ice cube trays of baby food.
 AND, while we're discussing baby's lunch, the rest of us are enjoying taco salads this week for lunch (my favorite, and even better since I have a cold... love those jalapenos to clear up my nasal passages)! :)

I could eat taco salad every day... and I did do that in college (I miss the dining hall)!

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