Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Snowy Day: Perfect for Curious George!

This is our third week straight in April where we've gotten snow! Thankfully, I don't think this storm will bring as much snow or cold weather for as long... and I hear that the moisture is very good for our typically dry Colorado climate!

However, today has been a snowy, windy, stay-inside day and we've been having fun playing with Legos, doing some preschool homeschool, and reading books. Anna loves the Curious George books and will pretty much always pick out these books when given the option.

I asked her if George gets in trouble while reading one of the stories and she replied thoughtfully, "Yes... I do, too, sometimes." There's definitely some similarities between the curious little monkey and my curious little girl. Maybe that's why it is such a hit! I definitely recommend these books for your little monkeys, too.

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