Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Malawi - I Am Because We Are

My husband and I watched the documentary, I Am Because We Are, on the other night and I thoroughly recommend it. Documenting life in Malawi, Africa, the second poorest country in the world, this film gives a raw, real-life picture of the devastating effects of poverty, HIV/Aids, and witch craft on the people of this country. 1 million orphans reside here, with children literally raising children.

There are some difficult scenes and stories to watch, but I think as Americans, we need to see more of the world, especially the Third World. We are so very blessed. I think the film also does an adequate job of suggesting that material wealth does not buy us in the First World joy; materialism can be just as much of a devastating disease spiritually as HIV is physically.

True joy is found in Christ. May the body of Christ in America be generous and mindful of the suffering church in Malawi and around the world. It is our job to take care of orphans.

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