Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oklahoma Tornado Relief: Antioch Christian Church accepting donations!

I've also contacted and received a list of requested donations from Antioch Christian Church in Oklahoma City! The current list of needed items can be found below and they will be updating the list as often as possible and as needs rise up (to access the up-to-date list on their website, scroll to the bottom of their Tornado Relief page).

Donations can be mailed to:

Antioch Christian Church
Tornado Relief
3616 SW 119th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

Donations Needed:

- Gloves
- Masks
- Tarps
- Hammers
- Cap nails (for tarps)
- Plywood
- Batteries
- Flashlights
- Large Trash Bags
- Empty Plastic Tubs/Containers
- Blankets
- Hand Sanitizer
- Antibiotic Cream
- First Aid supplies
- Male & Female toiletries
- Paper towels
- Over-the-counter medicines
- Ice Chests - Packing/Storage Boxes
- Packaging Tape
- Baby wipes
- Baby diapers
- Baby formula
- Water bottles
- Gallons of drinking water
- Snack foods (easy to distribute)
- Socks
- Sun Screen

"Thank you again for your willingness to help!!!"

Chelsea Byrd
Ministry Assistant

Antioch Christian Church
Oklahoma City, OK

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