Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ways our Family Saves: Use!

#3 Use!

On the heals of my previous post, Ways our Family Saves: Buy Prescription Eyeglasses Online, I mentioned to use (as I have done often on this blog).  

If you do any shopping online, you really need to go create an account right now at! Really, go do it. :)

Over the past few years, I've received precisely $170.18 back just from regular, frugal online purchases. Every time I go to buy something online, whether it's clearanced clothing from The Children's Place, diapers from Target, airplane tickets from CheapOair, eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect, etc... I first go to before I place my order.

Most stores are available on the site and offer a percentage of cashback. If, for example, I was buying something off of Target's website, I would enter in Target at the top search bar, click the correct store, and then click "Shop Now."

Target's website will then open in a new window or tab, and I make sure to order through the window it opened up as it has a special tracking number back to my Shop at Home account. I place my order like normal and, in a few days, the cash back amount will be credited to my Shop at Home account. When my cash back total reaches $20, they send me a check.

So, go and sign up today at Shop at Home!

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