Monday, September 23, 2013

Ways our Family Saves: Opt for Pre-Owned Kid Clothes!

Aren't they cute?! 

I'm not exactly sure of the percentage, but maybe 98% of the time, my kids are wearing pre-owned clothing and shoes. We have been so blessed with hand-me-downs for both of them from friends and family, that I've seriously not had to buy anything for my son since he was born. A waitress I met once in a restaurant, while visiting family in New York, even asked if I would like clothes for my little boy and gave him boxes of awesome clothing and shoes (including a pair of Adidas shoes that were the only ones that fit him well for months). God is cool.

I usually buy a few new items for my kids for Christmas and birthdays, because I have some sort of mom-guilt that I should buy them new items, but that's kind of silly.

If there are certain clothing pieces that I still need for my kids that I haven't received as gifts from grandparents or hand-me-down gifts from other mommas, I usually find the best deals at garage sales. I try not to spend over fifty cents per item, and look for the sales that advertise a "Fill-a-Bag" deal. Just the other day, after grocery shopping in town, by God's good grace, I happen-chanced upon a garage sale that had many little girl items. I only had three bucks on me in cash, since I wasn't planning on shopping at garage sales, but the mom just wanted to get rid of items and happily let me fill a sac of clothing and shoes for three dollars.

When I got home, I counted out 21 items including 3 pairs of shoes. That's 14 cents per item. AND, one of those items was a great condition girl's Adidas jacket, which I know I can sell on eBay for much more than 3 dollars, so in essence, I should be able to make money or come out even on that pit stop! 

I don't shop at thrift stores or consignment shops as often for clothing, mainly because I usually have accumulated plenty at garage sales for the seasons ahead, but I know some moms prefer these places. I have also had good success with Target's apparel coupons when they're released and I can usually get new items on the clearance rack for pennies. 

I have actually come to prefer pre-owned clothing for my little ones because, not only does it save my sanity and budget when it comes to these dirty little people and the stains they tend to attract, but the kids make the clothing cute, no matter if it's been worn before or not. And, it saves us A LOT of money... for when they're teenagers and we have bigger problems. :)

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