Sunday, November 3, 2013

Handmade Preschool Calendar and a Glimpse into Our Preschool Homeschool!

I spent yesterday and this morning creating this preschool calendar board for our preschool homeschool! I found the idea on Pinterest and modified it a little bit (added a holiday section and changed a little bit of the layout). I used a thick poster board from the dollar tree, painted it into different sections, and used stickers plus my own designs to fill it in. I used velcro strips for attaching the days/months/seasons/holidays/etc....
Our preschool homeschool wall (in our kitchen) with calendars, handmade crate shelf, alphabet art display, and Thanksgiving tree.
The workstation for our preschool homeschool. Anna and I both are really enjoying preschool at home and I'm loving homeschooling more than I thought I would. Anna is doing great and it is exciting to watch her progress!


  1. Love it! Wish I lived near you so you could make me one...

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I'd be more than happy to send you the PDF file with the months/days/holidays/seasons/etc... if you'd like to print them out, too!

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