Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Slipcover - Bam!

I didn't take a "before shot" of the couch, but here is a glimpse of it with my daughter on it a year and a half ago (before destruction ensued).

Bam! New couch!
So, my kids are apparently worse that puppies, and the new-to-us, great condition, faux-leather couch we got off of Craigslist two summers ago now has rips and holes in it. I thought the faux-leather would be a good option for kids since it is easy to clean, but I didn't consider they would bite it (17 month old) nor puncture it with their glittery shoes while hanging upside down on it (3.5 year old).

Well, not wanting to buy another couch, I shopped slipcovers online a couple weeks ago during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. I was a little intimidated by the idea of slip-covering as I had never done it, but I am so pleased now that the package arrived today and I successfully covered my couch! Bam! New couch.

For a lot less than another new couch.

And the kids are not allowed near it....

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