Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Fru-Gal Trips: Toys for Operation Christmas Child - 30 cents each at Target!

My family and I just so happened to enter Target this past Sunday evening to find that their Dollar Spot had 70% off on certain black star items (mostly Valentine's Day items). This was quite exciting to me! Yet, not so much to my hubby who stood there with the two kids in the cart while I rummaged through the bins. I told him I'd catch up with him and they were off to explore the kitchen gadgets.

After a five minute search, I ended up with four toys for Operation Christmas Child: construction tools,  a veterinarian kit, a Dora book, and a bracelet craft! Each item cost me 30 cents after the 70% off reduction. I have a special spot in my basement where I store OCC items all year long as I come across them and then in November, it's packing time! Yay!

Do you pack Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes? It's one of my favorite ministries and a fun way to give to children all across the globe. Find out more here.

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