Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Easiest Way to Make Popcorn - On the Cheap!

Fru-Gal Tip: Make "Popcorn on the Cheap" with two items: a brown paper lunch sack and popcorn kernels (and a microwave)!

Our jar of popcorn kernels.

Place kernels in brown paper lunch sack.

Microwave and serve!

I have been wanting to share this Fru-Gal tip with you for a while now... did you know that popcorn is really, really easy to make? You don't need a fancy popcorn machine and you certainly don't need to spend a lot of money on overpriced bags of popcorn. All you need is a brown paper lunch sack and popcorn kernels!

Place the popcorn kernels in the lunch bag (about 1/4 cup), put bag in the microwave, hit popcorn button. Voila!

We also like to pour melted butter over the popcorn and sprinkle salt on top. This is a simple, frugal snack that we enjoy almost every night. AND it's gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free (with coconut butter),  and soy-free.

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  1. Never tried it in the microwave - cool! We'll have to try that! My friend puts bacon grease on her popcorn, instead of butter or coconut oil/butter. We haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it's tasty! :)