Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Reverse Lent Challenge: Write a Note to Someone Each Day for 40 Days

I saw this "Reverse Lent Challenge" on Karen Ehman's blog and thought it was a wonderful idea! Basically, instead of giving something up for 40 days of Lent, you add something to your life in order to give back. I loved this new spin on Lent and thought it would be a great lead up to Easter.

Here is the basic idea from Karen's blog:
 " a quick note each day to one person in your life. To make it easy, purchase some simple note cards and stamps. Go ahead and place the stamps on the envelopes along with your return address. Place the pile of note cards on your nightstand or next to your favorite chair in the living room. Also dig up your address book and have it handy. Each morning upon arising or every night just before bed, write a special message to someone. Or if you are a television watcher, do it during the commercials. At the end of Lent you will have made 40 souls smile."

You could also change it up by e-mailing or calling people, too.

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