Monday, April 14, 2014

Teaching Little Ones to Budget

Anna with her $5 worth of new toys!
Budgeting is not an easy habit, even for veterans. It can be hard to stick faithfully to your budget, whether it be groceries, clothing, eating out, etc. Trust me, I know! So what better time to start teaching someone about how to budget and stick to it then when they are just starting to learn about money!

My four year old received an Easter card from her great grandmother with a five dollar bill today. I asked her what she wanted to do with the gift money. She said, "buy some new toys!" So while little brother was napping, we drove to the local Dollar General and browsed the toy aisles for several minutes. 

We looked at the prices, one item was $12 and I explained how that was more than $5 and she didn't have enough money. She quickly caught on and when she picked out a kite for $2 and a doll dress-up toy for $1, she said, "I still have $2 left!" This was also a great, real life math lesson! Finally, Anna decided on the above pictured items (I love her personality and what she ended up choosing). She proudly handed the five dollar bill to the clerk and even got 23 cents back. She's a happy girl.

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