Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunflower Seed Cake!

My breakfast this morning, Sunflower Seed Cake with honey (oh, and coffee of course)!
Jesse's sister is in town visiting with her family this week and some of her friends from Arizona were able to come up as well. Providentially, these friends are on a similar diet as Jesse (don't you love how God works) and the wife/mom, Danielle, runs her own amazing blog, It's a Love/Love Thing, with so many helpful resources for people with dietary restrictions. What perfect timing for us to meet, thank you Lord!

One of the recipes she suggested for us was a cake made out of sunflower seeds. I tried it out yesterday and it's actually quite easy to make (only 6 ingredients). Plus, my husband can eat it on day four of his diet when I substitute sunflower oil for the coconut oil! So exciting....

If you'd like an easy, fun recipe to try for any friends/family who may have allergies, this would be a good one (it's nut, grain, egg, dairy, and gluten- free). It goes well served with honey on top and my kids also enjoyed it... my two year old loved it! Check out the recipe here: GAPS Sunflower Seed Cake!

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