Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Today's Frugal Accomplishments with the Laundry

Can you see the hole I mended?

A pile of stained laundry that I treated with the best home made stain remover!

I have been busy mending and cleaning stained laundry today. I was given a super adorable sweater dress for Anna, but it had a hole in it. I'm not an expert seamstress, but was able to find some gray thread and mend it up fairly well. A light shrug over the top of the dress will probably work even better.

I also made up a batch of my favorite, easy stain remover (see recipe here) and treated a whole pile of stained kids' clothes that I had been accumulating for a few weeks.

I don't have any pictures of my clothing bins, but I've also been organizing the past few days for all three kids with the clothes we've been given for them. It's helped me to be able to see what each child needs in which size.

AND The Children's Place has a great sale going on for the rest of today (7/8):  40% off plus free shipping with code EXTRA3 at checkout. I was able to get a pair of black tights for Anna for $2 shipped (I love the quality of their microfiber tights).

Now, back to the folding and putting away of all my laundry accomplishments (my least favorite part)!

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