Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day laborings

Boxes, boxes everywhere!
I don't know about you, but it seems like "Labor Day" in our home means we have the time off to work, not play. Each year, my husband is usually working on house projects that need finished, and this year, I went on a purging spree as well!

We have a storage room that will soon be turned into a bedroom for our little boy, so I decided it was time to go through and get rid of items that we no longer use or need. I also went through the kids' and my closets, doing loads of laundry, sorting, and donating items we no longer wear.

30 weeks along
It was a day full of decisions and boxing up items, but in the end, I had about 5 boxes going to a thrift store, 1 box of outgrown little girl items to give to a friend's daughter, and several odds and ends to give to other friends who would like them.

And just for the sake of a baby bump photo, here's me sporting my 30 week
bump today! I didn't realize how much I "stuck out" until my husband snapped this picture. Hopefully I still have 10 weeks left until I truly have a "Labor Day!" :)

How was your holiday weekend? We are now getting back into a week of home school and are excited for the cooler Fall weather that's coming at the end of the week!

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