Friday, September 5, 2014

Stocking up on Target Dollar Spot

15 Preschool/Kindergarten/First Grade Workbooks for 50 cents each
There are several Targets across the country who have been marking their Dollar Spots down by 70%! This is an excellent opportunity to stock up on gifts for Operation Christmas Child!

I stopped in my local Target yesterday and it was still at 50% off for now, but knowing Target, it could go down in the next day or two to the 70%. I'd recommend calling your local Target before heading in to check what the clearance markdown currently is. I still was thrilled to find these preschool/kindergarten/first grade workbooks for only 50 cents each.

Anna LOVES these; it is all I can do to have her put them away.
I had been looking for something like this for my kindergartner this winter, while we take a couple months off of our normal kindergarten curriculum with a newborn in the house. These will be easy to have her complete a few pages here and there and not be completely off from school. I also got extra copies for my toddler, for when he is old enough to work on them. 

Such a fun, inexpensive supplement to our My Father's World kindergarten curriculum. They also had various flash cards for any interested homeschoolers out there.

And when I got home, Anna couldn't wait to start one. We did about 15 pages of the math concepts book and I had to convince her to put it away until tomorrow. Hopefully, these last until the new baby arrives in a couple months.

Some of the toys for OCC and Project Night Night.
I also found some books and toys for our Operation Christmas Child boxes, Project Night Night (a ministry that provides books, blankets, and stuffed animals to children in homeless shelters), and some stocking stuffers for the kids this Christmas.

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