Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Are we giving to God what changes how we live?

"Are we giving to God what we can afford to give — or are we giving to God what changes how we live?

And we’re hungry to live into the questions that answer with our lives: We are only giving what we are called to give when it is changing how we live.

We’re not giving what we’re called to give, unless that giving effects how we live — effects what we put on our plate and where we make your home and hang our hat and what kind of threads we’ve got to have on our back.

Surplus Giving is the leftover you can afford to give; Sacrificial Giving is the love gift that changes how you live — because the love of Christ has changed you.

God doesn’t want your leftovers. God wants your love overtures, your first-overs, because He is your first love."-Ann Voskamp, What the North American Church is Most Hungry For

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