Thursday, March 5, 2015

February Update on my Big Crazy Fru-Gal Resolution for 2015!

A brand new dress for my daughter that I got for free!

A little late in coming, here is my February update for my big, crazy Fru-Gal resolution of 2015:

- I've not bought any new clothing for our family of five this year.

- I continue to have friends give me clothing for my children. It is such a blessing, and I really need to organize/sort everything to see exactly what I have.

- I was able to get this new-with-tags dress for my little girl for free by using a free $15 credit and a free shipping code at

God continues to provide and we're not lacking, as my laundry piles can attest. I've had a few moments of wanting to go to Target and buy cute, patterned leggings that I see everywhere, but I then remind myself that I have plenty of clothing!

10 more months to go! :)

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