Sunday, September 20, 2015

A peek into our home school week: Noah's Ark and Rainbows

We have been learning about Noah's Ark this week, reading "A New Beginning" in our Jesus Storybook Bible. To correspond with our Bible lessons, we've also been learning all about rainbows. Here's a peek into our week.

A little artist: working on her "What Makes a Rainbow?" book

I'm amazed at her artistic abilities... she draws a better giraffe than me! :)

Anna went on a color hunt outside to find items of all the colors of the rainbow.

Her completed color wheel.

Rainbow math is fun!

Anna got to draw in some animals on the ark (A giraffe, porcupine, dove, snake, and zebra)
Brother got to help with our rainbow carnations science experiment.

We mixed food coloring into seven jars to make the colors of the rainbow. 
Then we added white carnations to see if they would turn colors from the dyed water.
It makes a pretty table centerpiece, too.

During free play, Anna made the alphabet out of play doh. She was quite proud of herself.

Play doh phonics.

Play doh phonics.

Mr. Roy G. Biv.

A project we didn't get to last week during our Adam & Eve/Reptiles week: Snake Pattern Math.

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