Saturday, February 27, 2016

Working on next year's home school

Our six year old next to "Goliath"

We've been having a fun year of kindergarten home school with our oldest child and most recently, our three and a half year old has started basic preschool! I'm planning ahead for next year as we'll have a first grader and preschooler. Things are getting busy around here!

There are so many wonderful and free resources on the Internet, that I'm planning on spending very little on our home school next year, but instead pulling together a lot of it myself. I thought I'd share a few great sites for you in case you're interested or want to just work on some things with your children at home for free:

Pinterest: Pinterest is a wonderful tool. Just type in whatever topic you're planning to teach and a whole lot of ideas pop up. I pin them by subject so I can find them down the road when my younger kids are learning about the same topic again.

Teachers Pay Teachers: Another wonderful site. Sign up for a free account and then you can search for items based on grade, subject, and even if the items are free (some do cost money).

3 Dinosaurs: A blogger with a ton of useful content and printables. I used this blog for our kindergarten phonics (CVC words, sight words, etc...).

K12 Reader: A complete spelling curriculum for 1st-5th grade! Need I say more. Spelling, check.

Worksheet Works: Make your own handwriting practice printables to say whatever you want! There's also helpful math, science, and calendar printables. I used this site to create handwriting printables for our Bible curriculum next year. We'll be going through Proverbs, and each week, we'll have a theme verse to copy. You can choose print, cursive, or pre-cursive practice.

Let me know if you have any free home school resources that you use! What a blessing to have the worldwide web at our finger tips... There's an abundance of home school resources out there!

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