Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer, so far.

Summer has been busy, but also fun. I've enjoyed the break from home schooling, which is quickly coming to an end. We'll start back up on August 1st. Here's some random glimpses into our summer, so far!

Birthday date night a week ago with my handsome hubby.

We went to the carnival in June!

We were the first on the ferris wheel, had it all to ourselves on opening night!

I've been getting our "classroom" set up for the new school year! 

David had his fourth birthday on the fourth of July! He got his dream present from both grandparents and us.

Our flower garden is blooming! The kids and I started these from seeds back in April.

My youngest, Joel, and I made a trip to New York to see family and friends in June.

Joel with his great grandma!

We've enjoyed discovering some really nice parks this summer!

Sweet summertime fun.

Sometimes I forget how blessed I am to see this view. Rocky Mountain majesty.

Jesse hung up the swing that my grandfather made for us. We love it!

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